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Week 6 Pick'em - slycat - 10-03-2016 01:03 PM

Georgia Southern at Arkansas St: The Red Wolves haven't shown much to think they could beat the Eagles. GS should be 3-0 in conference after this one.

Texas St at Georgia St: This should be a low scoring game where kickers may become a factor and based on last weeks kicking that is not a good thing. Bobcats win based on the fact that they have an offense that has shown up in two games.

Idaho at ULM: This ones a toss up. Idaho has looked better and ULM looked good at GS. I'll give the home team the edge.

RE: Week 6 Pick'em - Atlanta Trojan - 10-03-2016 01:07 PM

GS at Ark State....Will be close till 4th quarter when GS pulls ahead.

Texas State at Georgia State.... GSU is a better team than 0-4 and I think they get their first win here.

Idaho at ULM....Just think Idaho has a bit more talent than ULM at this time.

RE: Week 6 Pick'em - NCeagle - 10-03-2016 01:09 PM

GS over stAte. GS has been putting up solid numbers in terms of yardage, but have been shooting themselves in the foot. We fixed penalties for the most part against WMU, but turnovers killed us. If we take care of the ball, we will win

Idaho over ULM get to that bowl game Vandals!

TXST over ga state. Ga State has no offense, TXST isn't much better, but I just don't see gastate winning.

RE: Week 6 Pick'em - SpeedkingATL - 10-03-2016 03:52 PM

GS @ stAte - I really expected this one to be one of the feature games of the Sunbelt season but the Wolves have underperformed so far this season. I would like to think at home, against GaSo that we might see their best. If GS loses the turnover battle by -2 or -3 then the Wolves might pull the upset. I doubt that happens but I expect a close game. GS 31 stAte 24.

TxSt @ GaSt - Unfortunately, this game will feel like it's being played in an empty airplane hanger with GaSt at 0-4. After seeing GaSt's QB Manning up close at The Rock and the loss of Penny Hart, I just don't see the Panthers putting many points on the board. TxSt at least has experienced winning this season and will do so again. I might even drive over to the Dome since App has an open date, especially if they have a cash drop. TxSt 17 GaSt 10.

Idaho @ ULM - Idaho has a great kicker and a pretty good QB. Not sure what exactly Monroe has to counter that. Idaho wants to make a dent in the Belt before they leave. Idaho 28 ULM 24.