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Funny stuff...........from a Chip - Chipdip - 09-20-2011 09:33 AM

RE: Who should be our next head coach?

Chippitt wrote: What the hell, I'll throw my name in the mix. In all honesty, I probably won't be able to spend a great deal of time on it until after I wrap up my son's flag football season. If you guys can live with that, I'm your man.

Joe wrote: How would you handle this. 4th and way long, already trailing by 21, need a big pass play. So, Coach Chippitt, do you line up RR under center like Enos or put him in the gun like every other sane coach? If you say "gun" the job is yours! Bonus points if you say neither because RR would be on the bench (BTW he stumbled back to pass and overthrew in the end zone by like ten yards).


Thanks for your interest, Joe. My experience in coaching my son's first grade flag football team has provided me with valuable experience needed to bring a team to victory under the trying circumstances described. As such, I will be able to effectively manage the scenario you have provided.

First, I have found that the shotgun is too dangerous to rely on in crunch time. My time in the flag football league has taught me that most shotgun snaps get fumbled. While you might not like this answer, I feel a direct snap would be best, especially since the defensive linemen have to count to "7 Mississippi" before rushing. 03-lmfao03-lmfao

I would, however, use my coaching experience to score some quick points in this scenario. I have found that, without fail, some players just lose interest as the game wears on. I would identify any such players on the defense (the ones sitting and pulling grass, watching butterflies, constantly waving to their parents, etc.) and exploit their lack of focus to our advantage. :domokun:

Thank you once again.

^Genius 04-bow

I think I saw Enos pulling weeds on the sidelines

RE: Funny stuff...........from a Chip - Dirty Ernie - 09-20-2011 07:52 PM

Chippitt is a funny guy. Kudos to him.