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- TUDIEHARD - 12-15-2003 02:38 PM

Slater Vain just signed a fulltime contract with the WWE recently......

Dreams Do Come True!

Steel Rage Pro Wrestling's owner, Sarah Harmon, announced today that one of SRPW's best and brightest, Brent Albright (a/k/a Slater Vain) is joining the elite World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) roster a a fulltime employee. He will leave January 5th to work alongside TV Superstars like "The Rock," "Stone Cold Steve Austin," and "Triple H" fulfilling his lifelong dream.

Albright has been a solid contributor to the Oklahoma wrestling scene for over 5 years, as one of its most colorful and popular Superstars, working under the names "Vinnie Valentino" and more recently "Slater Vain." In addition to shining at SRPW, Albright became an international star in his own right at Pro Wrestling NOAH in Japan. Between trips to Japan and various independent promotions across the United States, Albright has also filled in as an instructor at SRPW's Pro Wrestling Academy, lending a hand to guide some of today's most promising prospects in the business.

Albright first began training for his journey to become a WWE Superstar at age 18 in Tulsa, Oklahoma, under firm guidance at Oklahoma Professional Wrestling. He left for California shortly thereafter, in a quest for further knowledge under the tutelage of the internationally known Michael Modest. Albright returned to Oklahoma two and a half years ago with a vengeance and "The Body" quickly became one of SRPW's most popular wrestlers. Albright has developed great dedication, toughness and one of the best physiques in the business.

Along with scouting other wrestlers at SRPW, WWE Talent Relations has been looking at Albright carefully over the past two years. After more than nineteen tryout matches and guest TV spots, multiple pre-show workouts, as well as review of tapes and promotional materials, Albright received the word late Thursday from WWE's Dr. Tom Pritchard that he would receive a fulltime contract.

"Brent is such a great guy," Harmon said. "He's overcome a lot of challenges, made personal sacrifices, and has worked so very, very hard for this. I'm confident that given his toughness, personality and talent, he'll go straight to the top in this business. We'll absolutely, positively miss him here at SRPW and the Training Academy, but I couldn't be any happier for him!"

Albright will be making his final SRPW appearances on Saturdays December 6th and 13th at Mickey's Bowling Center inside Eastland Mall in Tulsa, Oklahoma -- doors open at 7:30 pm, belltime is 8:00 pm. For ticket information, call (580) 762-2366 or visit http://www.steelragepro.com.

- Nature Boy - 12-20-2003 03:02 PM

04-rock I hope he does well in the WWE.

- TUDIEHARD - 12-23-2003 12:50 PM

Nature Boy Wrote:04-rock I hope he does well in the WWE.
me too..........Brent is a good guy......