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- CMichFan - 10-14-2002 10:41 PM

CMU's OL has surrendered just five sacks. 04-bow NIU leads the MAC is sacks, by a good margin. :eek: Something's got to give. I believe that something will be your relatively small DE's, after we pound the ball off-tackle frequently. :saber:

Another key matchup: both teams' running games and run defenses. CMU and NIU have both been relatively stingy, allowing under 4 yards/carry, but both teams also have strong running games. CMU wins in the depth department with three quality and experienced backs. CMU also has the bigger OL. All things considered, the team that passes the most successfully early in the game should have success running later. So far, CMU's Derek Vickers looks like the more dangerous QB. B)

Some other points to ponder: 03-confused

1) CMU has yet to play a complete game on the road. I say we're due and hungry, after three straight losses. :ninja:

2) Which NIU team will show on Saturday?

3) Which teams' Special Teams will be the most special?

4) Coaching: NIU's Novack has turned NIU from MAC joke into MAC West contender. CMU's Mike DeBord is building CMU into a respectable team again. Which staff will outsmart the other? Also, will it really matter, with two basically no-nonsense offenses?

Feel free to comment. Looking forward with eagerness to Saturday... :)

- Falconfreak90 - 10-17-2002 08:17 AM


Man, I was very impressed with CMU's O line last week in Mt Pleasant. They did a heck of a job keeping our D line off Vickers and made some nice holes for the backs. This is gonna be a great game. Best to both and here's to no injuries...is this game on the tube anywhere?